Why English Important ?

In recent times more and more students are taking an interest in international education to get a better future. In fact as per the QS World Rankings, India is currently second to China in terms of international student enrollment. Studying abroad helps to achieve updated skills and knowledge and also help you stay ahead of the Indian students. International education work as a getaway to high employability options. In fact, top companies in India consider international degrees and exposure as an important factor when making decisions about which applicant to hire. To get entry into an overseas university/college English proficiency test is mandatory factor. Candidates who wish to apply for a study visa or work visa need to appear in English proficiency test.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is popular among the Indian student and valid in almost every country. Apart from IELTS there are PTE and TOEFL is also acceptable.

There are two types of IELTS- Academic and General. Listening and Speaking are the same for both tests, however, reading and writing sections have slight differences in subject matter.

As a non-native English speaker you need to show that you are able to to write, read, speak and listen English CLEARLY. IELTS is widely popular among international students as it is comparatively easier to prepare.

Why PTE ?

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English, it is a computer-based test for students who aspire to study abroad and Australian Permanent residency. The test allows aspirants to prove their writing, reading, speaking and listening ability. PTE considered as one of the most popular English proficiency tests. One of the advantages of this test is you get results very quickly i.e. about in five days. To attend the test you need to attend a secure Pearson test center. There You will use a computer and a headset to listen to, read and respond to questions. PTE is the only agency that conduct computerized online test. PTE questions are based on daily life incident.

Spoken English Training

English is an international language which allows you to broaden your world, starting from job opportunities to communicate with people around the world. English is a language which help your every trip more interesting. Speaking good English not only makes you classy but brighten your chances to secure a job in top companies or allow you to grab the opportunity to study in foreign countries. Good education is always important to prove yourself but learning English also improves your quality of life. We at Inphase focus on the practical usage of English and motivates you to improve your personality and communication ability. We not only improve spoken english English but also help with your writing, listening and reading capabilities.

We provide expert trainers, smart classrooms and specially designed courses not only for adults but also for kids where your can improve your overall communication, vocabulary, fluency, build up your confidence and personality.

Personality Development

Personality development and soft skills are 2 important factors in one’s life who is determined to achieve only professional success but also overall behaviour and attitude in life. Personality is a combination of appearance and characteristics of an individual. Personality development is all about grooming and enhancing our inner and outer persona. A good personality and soft skill ability help you to reach the peak of a successful professional life. We provide specialised syllabus on how to make a good first impression, effective speaking, time management, Self discipline & Decision making, Effective leadership quality, Group Discussion, Interview preparation, Overcoming worries & Criticism etc.