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Why is Student Counselling Important?

Student counselling is important as it helps you choose the right option as there are plenty of countries(Australia, Canada, USA, UK etc), universities(Heriot watt university, Deakin University, Oxford University, ECU etc), college(Acsenda College, Alexander College, ANU College, Deakin College etc), courses out there. Every country, university or college has their own requirement, criteria and procedure.

And we Inphase with our 16 years of experience in study visa counselling as overseas visa consultants will help you pick the right option, as without counselling from an expert you will not be able to choose the perfect option. While you look for options, there are many questions which come in your head such as:

  1. What is the right career?
  2. What is the right course?
  3. Which country is offering the course?
  4. Which are the relevant universities in that country?
  5. What are the requirements and criteria of those universities?
  6. Am I capable financially?
  7. How to write SoP?
  8. How to prepare for interviews?
  9. How to apply to those universities?
  10. What are the procedures? any many more….

Well, to get an answer to all the above question you need  counselling. At INPHASE, we have the best counselors who help you and guide you through all the procedure from the very start.
They provide you unbiased opinion which is actually suitable for you. Our counselling team offers complete support and handle all queries patiently and guide step by step towards the right career and overseas universities. Since you are investing your hard earned money you should not waste them in any random course or university. Our counselors have the skills to increase your strengths and make them stronger which can be useful to adjust in a new country. You can ask anything about education abroad and we would be happy to assist you on those.
No Charge for Counselling and Guidance!
Yes, absolutely! We do not charge for our counselling sessions. Our aim is to make your process of applying to study abroad as smooth as possible. Our counselling team is happy to serve you and guide you from choosing the right university, right program, application procedure, preparing SoP and interviews, offer letters, visa process and others. We have helped thousands of students so far and would be happy to help you the same.

Walk in Sessions

You can walk-in to our offices and have a free session with our counsellors. You discuss all your queries. You can also call us and book an appointment. bring all your academics, work experience (if any) along with you so that our counsellors can provide you best assistance. 

Our Support

Education Advisers

At INPHASE we help you with-
● Unbiased counselling 
● Assistance in shortlisting possible colleges, universities and programs
● Guidance in application submission
● Assistance with offer letter
● Guidance with Health insurance
● Assistance in writing Statement of Purpose (SoP)
● Guidance to prepare for interviews
● Assistance in available scholarships
● Guidance in visa lodgement
● Regular follow-up 
● Assistance in choosing accommodation
● Pre-departure briefing after visa

Our counsellors are professionally skilled and expert. We make sure that you get all the details
and help you to provide the best possible options that suitable to you. Even after you reach to a
new country, we would be happy assistance with your queries. Come and have a free session
with us!

We Have our offices at four Places which are Chandigarh, Gurugram, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Kolkata, all are mentioned here. And if you want counselling on a Call then Contact Us on +91-9780888307

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