Tips for Students during lockdown

It’s a time when most of the students are in a very tense situation regarding their future. Since no one knows how this Corona virus situation is going to pan out, we are bringing you a blog that would help you plan your time.

For the students who have already appeared in their exams or have yet to start but wondering what they should do because there is no schedule in sight. The following points should help you look through clearer.

  1. Don’t lose focus:

It is very easy to lose focus in this situation but you have to keep yourself on track. Take this as an opportunity where you now have extra time to prepare for your pending exams. Look the positive sides and keep a positive attitude. You have much lesser distractions now as you have all the time to plan your day and time.

2.Plan Well

Since you now have time plan your hours that you need to put in your studies every day. Have a firm schedule. Sleep well, do some exercises and put certain hours like atleast 4 hours everyday into your studies.

3.Study Abroad

If you are looking to study higher education abroad, this is the right time to start preparing for the right decision. You have time to do your research online. What country you want to apply to, what are the opportunities, what courses you could do, will there be work opportunity during and after the studies, can I settle down. I am sure you are going to have a lot of questions. Make sure you get all the answers and if you have any questions do call our expert counselors at 9780888307.

4. Apply for offers NOW

It is very likely that you may think about this corona virus situation and don’t want to plan or commit to a country or college or university. But it is very important that you start applying now. There are many reasons as explained below that this is the only time you should apply

  1. Faster processing: These days the applications have suddenly fallen so universities are responding faster and offers are coming faster.
  2. Intake deferments: You may know that in various countries such as Canda Mid year intakes such as May 2020 is washed away do to VIRUS problem, those students would be adjusted in September so there will be fewer seats in September 2020.
  3. Anyone who has an offer now is first I the queue, when the lockdown opens, there will be sudden rush of applications. You may have defer to Jan 2021 so would lose your whole year. APPLY NOW to save your year. Contact us now at 9780888314 to apply.

5. Start your IELTS training from home.

Your year 12 or graduation results are going to take few months now and with new exams date sheet expected to get delayed, you may find it very difficult to start IELTS training after the results and then apply for studying abroad. You may look for May 2021 or Sept. 2021 intakes if you keep sitting. Act NOW and start studying online. We are there to help you prepare your test online. Contact us. ( +91-9780880424)

This is going to be an extraordinary for all the stakeholders in education and to get ahead of others, students need to plan well in advance. Please go through the above tips and plan & act well. We look forward to hearing from you and wish all the students good luck in these hard times.