New Zealand is becoming one of the popular destinations among international students. Students from all around the world are choosing the kiwi land.  New Zealand has progressive education programs, state of art facilities and world recognised education system. The country provides safe learning environment and support systems for international students. New Zealanders are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Academic, professional and vocational courses are available at New Zealand universities and institutes and the course fees are comparatively lower in comparison with USA, UK or Australian education providers.


British Based Education System


One of the main reasons why New Zealand being a preferred destination among Indians is that the education programs and degrees are based upon the British education system. The kiwi land used to be a colony of the British Empire just like India, it follows the tested and the most recognized system of British education which is very similar to what is followed in India. So it makes easier for Indian students to pursue their programs.



Affordable Tuition Fee and Entry Requirements


The cost of studying in New Zealand is much less compared to countries like Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore or any European country. In fact, the tuition fee  and the cost of living for New Zealand is much cheaper than popular study abroad destinations. The interesting fact is, International PhD students pay the same fees as domestic students of NZ. The entry requirements are also quite easy compared to Australia or Canada. The competition is much less to get admission in a university whether it is bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or postgraduate diploma courses. Students with passing marks and moderate grades can study there easily. Besides, there is no age bar to study in New Zealand. Moreover, the international students seeking admission in New Zealand Universities can pay the tuition fee after they get student visa approval for New Zealand.



Free Education for Children

Yes!! If you are living in New Zealand with your spouse and got the spouse gets a work permit, your child’s education will be absolutely free. Amazing right??


Safe Environment

New Zealand is a safe and welcoming country. In fact, New Zealand is the second safest peaceful and safe country out of 163 countries in the world. New Zealand has political stability and a low crime rate.


Study and Work

Students who wish to work while studying to meet their living expenses and get experience can work easily. With student visa, students can work 20 hours weekly during the study and full time during vacations.


PSW and PR Opportunities

New Zealand provides one of the most liberal post study work rights in the world. In fact, outside Auckland you will get 3 years PSW. Imagine studying just one year program and getting a 3 years work permit. Also NZ is the only country that provides multiple PSW. For eg you complete a level 7 diploma, get 3 year work permit, then do a level 8 diploma again 3 years work permit and them masters degree and again 3 years work permit. So its one of the safest country to bet on settling down compared to other countries. Moreover, the New Zealand government wants international students to work there and help in growing the country’s economy. After completing your PSW you can apply for NZ PR. To apply for the PR, the requirements are very limited such as your age should be less than 55 years, you need to have fluency and good command over English language, good health and good character and ability to prove your intent of stay in the country.